Thursday, 5 May 2011


Einschulung, Gerhard Gaebler, 1989.
Kuehlungsborn, an der Ostsee, Ulrich Wuest, 1989.
Strassenfest, Wolf-Dieter Volkmann, 1989.
Paddler - Portrait mit Selbstausloeser, Max Baumann, 1989.
Jena, Max Baumann, 1989.
Schwerin, Juergen Hohmuth, 1989.
Berlin; Helikopter, Wiebke Loeper, 1989.
Berin; Staatskarossen, Wiebke Loeper, 1989.
Parade in der Strasse Unter den Linden, Ulrich Wuest, 1989.
Unstrut; Weinfest zum 40. Jahrestag der DDR, Marion Wenzel, 1989.
Freyburg; Weinfest zum 40. Jahrestag der DDR, Marion Wenzel, 1989.
Leipzig-Volkmarsdorf, Thomas Steinert, 1989.
Mauer hinter dem Martin-Gropius-Bau, Helga Paris, 1989.
VBK-Diskussion, Michael Schroedter, 1989.
VBK-Diskussion, Michael Schroedter, 1989.
Berlin; Demonstrationszug, Wiebke Loeper, 1989.
Berlin; Die Mauer ist offen, Barbara Klemm, 1989.
Berlin; Mauer am Brandenburger Tor, wenige Minuten vor der Maueroeffnung, Ludwig Rauch, 1989.
Berin; Maedchen auf der Mauer, Barbara Klemm, 1989.
Berlin, Regina Schmeken, 1989.
Potsdamer Platz, Karl-Ludwig Lange, 1989.
Potsdam, Frank Gaudlitz, 1989.
Das Loch in der Welt, Timm Rautert, 1989.
Leipzig; Grosszschocher, Thomas Steinert, 1989.
Leipzig, Matthias Hoch, 1989.
Berin; Oeffnung Brandenburger Tor fuer Besucher, Evelyn Richter, 1989.
Silvester am Brandenburger Tor, Arno Fischer, 1990.

(2009) East; Zu Protokoll/For the Record. Leipzig: Steidl.

East; Zu Protokoll is a book of photographs chronicling the fall of the wall between the months of august 1989 to january 1990. it's interesting because a lot of the photographs displayed seem to be quite personal, and the introduction highlights the need to create a collection of images that weren't a cliched account, but rather a representation of the atmosphere in east germany at the time.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

japan: a self portrait

 The revival of Gin-bura- taking a stroll in Tokyo's Ginza district. Hayashi Tadahiko, 1950.
 from left: Women harvesting rice. Hamaya Hiroshi, 1955. Village at the foot of the volcano. Narahara Ikko, 1954-57.
 Boy in front of his fishing village. Nagano Shigeichi, 1953.
 Village at the foot of the volcano. Narahara Ikko, 1954-57.
 Island without green. Narahara Ikko, 1954-57.
Ginza, Tokyo. Kimura Ihee, 1954.
A cafe for singing. Tanuma Takeyoshi, 1957.
Tokyo. Ishimato Yazushiro, 1953-58.
Castle, Tokyo. Tomatsu Shomei, 1963.
The first postwar municipal apartment buildings, Okubo Tokyo. Nagano Shigeichi, 1961.
Workers playing volleyball on a highway being constructed on reclaimed land, Tokyo. Tanuma Takeyoshi, 1962.
White collar workers at 5 P.M. Nagano Shigeichi, 1959.
Receiving a diploma for completely management training. Nagano Shigeichi, 1961.
Company training: students in morning formation. Nagano Shigeichi, 1964.
From left: Tokyo. Ishimoto Yashuhiro, 1955-57. Tokyo, Ishimoto Yashuhiro, 1962.
Ginza, Tokyo. Tanuma Takeyoshi, 1962.
Ginza, Tokyo. Tanuma Takeyoshi, 1960.

above are some photographs from a book that i found in the library called 'Japan: A Self Portrait. Photographs 1945-1964' by Takeuchi Keiichi and Hiraki Osam. it actually portrays a very interesting photographic insight on japan's history, and postwar redevelopement, and has helped me better understand and draw japan & and japanese people. i also really like the grainy black and white quality of the photographs - which is something that i'm finding more suitable in my image making for this project, rather than introducing 'unnecessary' colour.

Keiichi, T., Osam, O. (2004), Japan: A Self-Portait; Photographs 1945-1964. Paris: Flammarion.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

curtis's botanical magazine.

curtis's botanical magazine is an illustrated publication which is renowned for featuring the work of two centuries worth of botanical illustrators in detailed but accessible description, started in 1787. some of the use of colour is amazing, and the vibrancy of shades is something that i'm trying to achieve at the moment, without losing the depth of line. the only drawings of carnivorous plants that i've managed to find have been disappointing, just because the use of colour has been very subtle, and slightly washed out.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

botanical illustrations

i've been looking at botanical illustrations for colour and layout inspiration for my perfume cover. the drawings that i find the most interesting are those that diagram the growth of the plants - highlighting all the different stages of growth from seed to leaf to flower etc. i'm not sure that that's necessarily appropriate for a book jacket.